Note: there are still more prizes to be added to this list.  En route are the official FFG prizes, Legion ranking prizes, and more door prizes.  They will be added as they arrive.

Winners of each Event

Custom made and engraved by Awarding You!, each winner will receive a trophy to commemorate their triumph.


All Competitors

Each competitor receives a TXGO 2019 token/dice pouch, and each pouch contains a set of tokens for that game.


Door Prizes

Available to all door prize ticket holders - "Employee of the Month" mug, Millennium Falcon bottle openers, Star Wars Posters and a bag with 3 layers of foam inserts for storing and transporting miniatures.

Door Prizes

Several games, including Kodachi, Onitama, Ultimate Werewolf and Illimat.  Also, dice trays in various colors, and storage tubes for 24" game mats.  Great also for measuring ruler storage.


Door Prizes

A BB-9E droid from Sphero.  This droid is fully operational and is powered via app and Bluetooth connection.  With the Sphero app, you can manually control the droid, pre-program paths and instructions, and also has augmented reality.  Especially fun if you have pets.

Door Prizes

A holographic nightlight that lights up the R2-D2, Death Star or Millennium Falcon displayed here.  The lamp is charged via USB, the lamp stand is portable, and will light up multiple different colors as shown on the remote.  (Note: that tan-colored protector on each lamp module is to protect it and you peel those off before use.)


Destiny Prizes

In the top photo are the prizes for the main event provided by I Rebel - A Star Wars Destiny Podcast.  The winner receives the full suite of I Rebel tokens or Asohka Tano deckbox (runner up gets the other), both finalists get an I Rebel playmat.  Top 8 will receive a Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Snoke, Yoda, Palpatine, Leia Organa or Sentinel Messenger.  Those cards not chosen will go to the side event.  Top 16 receive a Nightbrother, and all entrants receive a TXGO exclusive Claudite Shapeshifter.

In the picture below, donated by Aegis Games, are a set of tokens for the Top 8 in the side event.

Main event is Standard format, Side Event is Infinity.

X-Wing Prizes

Winner receives the plastic spot glossed Anakin Skywalker, Top 4 receive Poe Dameron, Top 8 receive Norra Wexley and all entrants receive Fenn Rau.  Graciously donated by Gold Squadron Podcast.


Armada Prizes

All donated by Admiral Tater's Ship Shop; winner receives the ruler tray, finalists get a full set of range/distance rulers, Top 4 get a ship tray, Top 8 get turn counters, Top 16 get a range 1 ruler/marker combo.


All Legion Players

Each Legion ticket holder will receive one of the pieces of terrain pictured.  Selection will be based on the rankings after 3 rounds (higher ranks pick first).  The smaller pieces of scatter terrain come in sets of 3.  All terrain pictured was 3D printed and donated by 3D Printall.


FFG, Star Wars and other copyrighted contents are all property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with the Texas Galactic Open.



Legion Winner

Courtesy of Legion Terrain, this fully-painted downed AT-AT walker is going home with our Legion champion.  The pieces can be used individually or all together, and can be configured as desired since each piece is separate.  Check out Legion Terrain's site for this and more goodies (link is on the Home page).