Armada 2018

Ryan Rhodes

Representing the Austin Fleet Command, Ryan had an impressive showing to become our first ever Armada Champion at the TXGO.  Edging into the final table by MoV, he faced his comrade from the Austin Fleet Command, Ben Hicks.  The match was close, but Ryan emerged victorious, adding his trophy to his list of Armada accolades.

X-Wing 2018

Daniel Ward

Hailing from the Dallas/Fort-Worth area, Daniel won in an upset over his up-to-then undefeated opponent, Eugene Tanker of the 512 Squadron.  It was an epic clash of swarm v swarm in the early days of the rebooted X-Wing 2.0.  It came to a couple of key rolls as both pilots put their skills on display, but the TIE Fighter swarm was all that was left after the smoke had cleared.

Destiny Winner

Destiny 2018

Lawton Burkhalter

Home to Houston, TX, Lawton (right) is one of the most feared Destiny players in the state.  The Force was truly with him in the 2018 TXGO, as he finished first overall in Swiss play, and made his way through the single-elimination, best-of-three rounds.  The final match came down to the very last game, with a final score of 2-1.

Legion 2018

Daniel Casslasy

Also hailing from Houston, TX, Daniel has been victorious on many campaigns across the state.  In addition to winning the TXGO 2018, he has also taken victories in many official events.  In the final match, he hammered his opponent with a list of the fiercest commandos this side of the galaxy.  With no way out, the enemy forces fell and Daniel rose as the champion.