2019 TXGO Judges - The High Council


Ben Hicks

"Classic Ben" hails from Austin, TX and has been playing Armada since the very beginning.  A fleet admiral of amazing skill with character to match.  An all around great guy who will be heading up the Armada portion of the 2019 TXGO.

X-Wing 2.0
Stephen Bachran

Stephen represents the San Antonio Saber Squadron, the Alamo City's X-Wing gaming community.  You can find the Saber Squadron all over the city, and Stephen helps to organize their regular gaming events.  X-Wing players will be looking to Stephen for rulings in the 2019 TXGO.


Jason Guidry

Jason (yes, that's actually him) is seen here in full battle dress in Knight Watch Games' Death Star gaming room.  Not only is Jason an avid Legion player, but you can find him all over the Alamo City as part of the 501st Legion cosplay group.  Jason returns as our Legion judge for this year's event.

Ryan Dobberstine

Returning to oversee our Destiny players, Ryan also hails from San Antonio.  He heads up the Alamo City Knights of Destiny, the community for San Antonio's masters of the Force.  Seen holding his spiffy mat, Ryan knows his way around a deck and he always shoots first.